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highly dedicated to providing advanced retirement planning and management support to its clients

Davidow Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. Retirement Consulting

Growing financial risks, regulatory constraints, product complexity and market volatility is redefining the retirement landscape. It is becoming extremely difficult for companies to design an optimized retirement programs that align with business goals and needs of its employees.

Davidow Financial is highly dedicated to providing advanced retirement planning and management support to its clients. We can help you sort through the seemingly endless choices in retirement programs to create a retirement program that is just right for you and your employees. Our goal is to make every employee feel confident in their ability to retire comfortably. We take care of all administrative and operational aspects of retirement plan management so that you can focus on your business.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of retirement management services.



Davidow Financial has an experienced team with specialized expertise. We also understand that no two industries are alike, and each faces its own set of challenges.Davidow Financial has professional industry experts who partner with businesses to address needs unique to them and to their industry. We service a range of industries such as manufacturing, hotel, logistics, business services, real estate, construction and legal, to name a few. 

Our Product Expertise

We provide retirement consulting and risk management support across a broad set of qualified plans:

401(K) Plan: A 401(k) plan is an employer sponsored defined contribution plan that allows your employees to make contributions with pretax dollars. The contributions are usually made to the plan through payroll deductions and employees have the option to direct their own investments allowing them to control their savings.

  • Safe Harbor 401(K) Plan: A 401(K) plan that eliminates the need for nondiscrimination testing.
  • Roth 401(K) Plan: A 401(K) plan that allows employees to make contributions after-tax

403(b) Plan: A 403(b) plan is like a 401(k) but specifically designed for educators and non-profit employees.

457(b) Plan: A 457(b) is like a 401(k) but specifically designed those who work for the state or local government.

Profit Sharing Plan: A profit-sharing plan is a defined contribution plan in which the employer has discretion to determine when and how much the company contributes into the plan.

Defined Benefit: In a Defined benefit plan the contribution is calculated based on a desired benefit at retirement. Contributions are not limited to the 25% of total gross compensation limit of a defined contribution plans.

Cash Balance Plan: This is a type of defined benefit plan in which an employer credits a participant's account with a set percentage of his or her yearly compensation plus interest charges. Although a type of defined-benefit plan, the cash balance plan is maintained on an individual account basis, much like a defined-contribution plan.

Retirement plans are time consuming to administer, difficult to keep in compliance, carry liability exposures and can get confusing, given the variety of plans and providers. Davidow Financial can help simplify your retirement planning and management process and help mitigate any risks associated with it. Contact us to learn know more about retirement plans and how you can benefit from our retirement consulting services.