HRIS (Human Resource Information System)

Davidow Financial offers a world class benefit administration experience for its customer’s employees, benefit administrators and HR managers through its state-of-art Benefit Management Software. Our secure, web-based software streamlines and automates the benefit management process, proactively manage benefit costs and delivers an integrated capability for employees. The solution allows you to manage all aspects of employee HR and benefit information in one centralized location, thereby increasing efficiency and accuracy. Even though the market price for such softwares range from $750 to as much as $1250 per month, Davidow Financial offers this software to its clients without any charge.


Seamless Enrollment Process

  • Intuitive new hire enrollment process
  • Ease comparison and selection of plans along with associated costs

One touch retrieval of employee information to avoid manual entry

Strong Self-Service Capability

  • View and Manage benefit plans, coverages and employee information
  • Centralized access to company documents, tasks and notifications
  • End to end Time-off management

Efficient Benefit Administration

  • Centralized management of employee enrollment status, coverage levels & contribution levels
  • Efficient task, workflow & document management
  • Comprehensive audit trail 

Unified Experience

  • Predefined integration with leading TPAs
  • Seamless integration with Payroll, Benefits, and Time Off
  • Elimination of duplicate data entry

Rich Data Visualization

  • Access centralized data visualization and dashboards
  • Quick access to pre-defined reports
  • Advanced customization and pre-scheduling