Next Generation HRIS: It’s Time to Elevate your HR Services department

HRIS is the technological solution of choice that organizations and payroll professionals use to manage, organize, and automate employee benefits and payroll. The next generation HRIS solution by Davidow Financial & Insurance Services an industry leading and the most comprehensive software prepared and brought to you by their expert service team.

Employee benefit programs and payroll can be a complicated and tedious process considering the number of regulations organizations must abide by. The tasks seem even more daunting for large businesses managing hundreds or thousands of employees. Businesses, small and large, go to great lengths to navigate through the number of benefit and payroll pitfalls on a daily basis.

Designed by highly experienced professionals, Davidow Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. HRIS software program automates complex payroll calculations and compliance checks that would otherwise need to be carried out manually. HR benefit managers can quickly configure their own payroll models and leverage innovative tools that automatically recommends the correct federal, state, and local payroll tax based on where an employee lives and works.

Next Generation HRIS

The Benefits of a Unified HR and Payroll software system

The combination of HR and payroll software system can yield extensive benefits on both sides of the equation.

  • Benefits to Payroll: HR is probably the first department to be informed when an employee receives a promotion. The HR team springs into action, updating the employee record and making all the necessary changes within their HR software. But what about the payroll team? The promotion likely comes with a pay increase, but how will the payroll department find out about the promotion? Payroll won’t know to update the employee’s compensation unless they are notified separately by that employee’s manager or a member of the HR team. The same concerns arise when an employee has a change of address, marital status, and even more.
  • Benefits to HR:On the other side of the equation, HR departments miss out on the payroll data they need to make more strategic talent management decisions when the two systems are not connected. Employee engagement and employee experience are the metrics that every talent team wants to know about because it has proven to be a direct influence on so many business performance outcomes. HR departments look at a number of different factors that affect employee engagement, but without access to their employees’ payroll information, the HR department is missing a key piece of the employee engagement puzzle.

When HR and payroll are performed in one system of record, all of your employees data is ready to be put to work. The insights you are able to collect from a complete set of data gives you the confidence you need to make the right decisions for your business and your people—without having to manually transfer any data. Our mission at Davidow Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. is to deliver an efficient HRIS solutionthat can facilitate both of those processes seamlessly, so that you can focus on strategic decisions to propel your business forward. Combining HR and payroll in one unified HRIS system allows you to get the most value from your technology investment.

We at Davidow Financial & Insurance Services are known to be the most reliable HR service partners to numerous companies across the USA. If you wish to explore elevatingyour HR and Payroll Services of your firm, get in touch with our experts today. Call us at (877) 935-6744 or click here for a quick quote for any of our services.